Orientiles by Ramzi

Heritage on a tile


During the past 30 years or so, whilst traveling to many parts of the

world, witnessing different cultures, traditions and heritage; a sensational feeling mixed with passion, has emerged out with the idea to create a unique souvenir, to reflect our identity and heritage through generating pleasant yet grand and endless memoires.


The mesmerizing flow of Arabic font used in the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush, also known as Calligraphy, combined with the uniqueness of Travertine Rock, was a perfect reflection of this idea; it simply expressed culture, heritage and luxury within our passion for art.


The Designs,


Images, ideas, words, proverbs and verses that may have the most effect on the human soul are carefully collected, then sorted in matching categories.


The search for the right rock,


Although Travertine rocks can be found in vast areas around the world, still, finding the right one to use for our art is the key! Sometimes, such process takes several days and even weeks to find the right rock within a quarry.


The colors and the theme,


Choosing the right colors and themes for each design depends on the text and calligraphy to be used. Each time it is a unique selection.


The Printing,


Using RFS system (Replication Frescoing system), each design is printed on the specially selected Travertine rock. This process may take 1 or 2 days, even more, depending on the design and size to be created.


The finishing,


Varnishing, drying and crafting the stone needs up to 7 days to be completed. Now the stone is ready to be aligned with the right frame that may embrace the beauty of the artwork.


The package,


A handmade leather box is carefully designed and created for each artwork with either black or brown leather, ready to be presented as a valuable gift.


The Display,


Our product may be displayed indoor and outdoor as well. It is rain* and sunlight* resistant, as well, it is waterproof* and acid proof*.


The collection,


We have unique small designs that are handy and may either be displayed on side tables or hanged on walls. Also we have the large designs which are considered heavy in weight but may capture the sight from first glance.


Valuable items,

Our products are not limited to tiles; we have some other distinguished / collectable items such as colored printing of the Holy Qur’an, the Holy Qur’an printed on one large piece of leather. Also we have specially designed handmade Egyptian Pendant lights created using different types and colors of brass.